About Us

Since the founding of Wesley’s Place in 2016, we have learned a lot about people and their attitudes toward faith, Some of the topics we have learned about include:

  • How existing churches are like Twinkies
  • Rapidly changing culture and its connection to faith
  • Institutional change (or lack of)
  • Reaching people who do not attend church
  • If you like us to come and share with your group or speaking engagement, please contact us at: wesleysplacebnmc@gmail.com

Wesley’s Place in the media:

Dream Big

Wesley’s Place has some big dreams for the community we serve in Buffalo, NY. We dream of creating an environment that accepts diversity, embraces creativity, and seeks equality.

We are looking for partners to accomplish some of these dreams:

    • A food truck/ trailer that teaches skills needed for the expanding hospitality industry in Buffalo and can provide nutritional food to underserved parts of the city.
    • Saving a building important to the community for historical, cultural, or architectural reasons. We would like to reuse it as a Feeding Center for hungry people, code blue shelter during the winter, and to host home repair teams during the summer. This space could be anywhere in the downtown area.
    • A dedicated space close to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to offer spiritual care and support to the 15,000 medical professionals that work there.

Partners Like You

We are looking for partners like you

  • Help write grants
  • Develop business plans
  • Serve as a board member
  • Offer financial support or gifts in kind
  • Contact us to share your gifts and abilities



The short answer is that we are a Faith Community without walls. We are everywhere! In the local coffee shops, restaurants during lunch, hosting small groups at the corner pub, and being present in parks and outdoor festivals during the summer.

As a young gathering of people, we do not have our own space yet. This allows us the opportunity to hang out with different people all over the place! It is also a challenge because we cannot always find someone to share space with for our next project. Check out our calendar to see where we can connect next.

If you have connections and relationships with someone that has property in the vicinity of Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, please let us know. We would LOVE to talk with them.

Wesley’s Place Faith Community
connecting people with God and with each other.
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Rev. Gregg Stierheim